What is Zanaprin?

Zanaprin is a tablet that is used to promote mood enhancement and to help one relax. It is marketed as a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety and also to help someone socialize by promoting a healthy lifestyle free of stress and anxiety.

Who are Lazarius Labs and why should I trust them?

Lazarius Labs was established in 2003 and has the mission statement “Lazarus Labs is a non-prescription pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development of  safe and effective products designed to enhance human health and wellness.” Also working in their favor is they have shipping/packaging facilities in California, Georgia and Florida. This way people all over the U.S. can receive their orders in a timely manner.

What does it claim to do?

Zanaprin claims to help with a variety of anxiety related issues. Zanaprin helps you control
your social anxiety and helps manage your stress to not let it boil over into what could become
a panic attack. Zanaprin also helps you on sleepless nights and above all helps promote a healthy
lifestyle, free of anxiety and stress. Esentially Zanaprin is an alternative to Valium or Xanex, with the main draw being you feel less side effects from the medication but receive similar results.

What does Zanaprin actually do?

Reviews have been positive for Zanaprin when you are looking for a natural way to cure mainly social fears and phobias. It seems that Zanaprin is mostly for that audience and not general anxiety not associated with social anxiety disorders. When stacked against other anti-anxiety medication it seems to fall a bit short, but does hold up well just against natural remedies.

What are the weak points of Zanaprin?

The most glaring weak point of Zanaprin would have to be the price. It isn’t too bad but it is a little higher priced than most supplements, falling mostly around the range of $60 to $80 for a month’s dosage(30 count). Another thing to be aware of is even though it is an all natural supplement it can still interact with prescription medications and cause other complications. So we recommend consulting your doctor before taking Zanaprin.

Would you recommend Zanaprin?

The best part of Zanaprin is upping your dosage based on one day being worse than another will not induce any withdrawl symptoms nor will it increase any side effect you may feel from the medication. So if one day seems a bit more stressful than the next you can simply up your daily dosage without feeling like it will now always take that dosage to work.

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